Haiti 2016 Carnival


g-16380Haiti 2016 Carnival

The Office of Communication of the Presidency of Haiti has announced that, following deliberations by the Council of Ministers, Haiti’s President had issued an Executive Order declaring the afternoon of Monday, February 8, and all day Tuesday, February 9, 2016, as non-working public holidays in Haiti to coincide with the 2016 Carnival public holidays in Haiti.

Six years ago (14-Feb-2010), the government of Haiti had canceled the Carnival celebrations following that year’s recent earthquake (10-Feb-2010), and had not declared any additional non-working public holidays. The year after (28-Feb-2011), the Carnival celebrations were restored, but no additional non-working public holidays were declared in Haiti on either Carnival Monday, or Ash Wednesday.

But following the election of Michel Joseph Martelly as the new President of Haiti (15-Feb-2012), public holidays were declared again for the 2 and a half Carnival days of February, as well as for the July Carnaval des Fleurs (25-Jul-2012), something that had not been done before.

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